How To Train Your Dog Using The Pet Parade Dog Repeller

 ThePet Parade dog repeller is a wonderfully effective tool for deterring a dog with questionable intentions. Few people, however, understand that it can be a wonderfully effective training tool as well. Most people hear the name "repeller" and assume that the device's sole purpose is to repel a dog that may intend on doing you harm. While the electronic dog repeller is great at doing that it is also a very humane instrument and causes the dog absolutely no harm.

Having a dog myself,  I understand the importance of properly training a dog.  Although effective in deterring dogs the electronic dog repeller is still very humane and to such a degree that I would recommend it to anyone looking for a dog training  device.Here are some tips on training your dog with the electronic dog repeller…

1. Make sure the device is working properly by seeing how your dog initially reacts to the dog repeller. Remember that the device uses such a high frequency that it is not even detectable by the human ear, only the dogs. Most dogs will just try to leave the room immediately to get away from the noise; this will tell you that the device is in fact working.

2. Let me tell you right here and now that no command is more important for a puppy to master as soon as possible than the ‘sit' command. Try and reinforce that one early and often in the training. If the dog does not sit when given the ‘sit' command then press the button on the repeller and a very loud, high frequency sound will emit from the device and reinforce your command by letting the dog know it needs to listen next time or receive the uncomfortable noise.

3. The next most important command is coming when called. Follow the same rules as outlined in step 2 if the dog does not come when called. Again, this is a command to practice early and often.

4. Offer your dog a small reward  when it does follow your command. Positive reinforcement is as important as negative reinforcement in the early stages of training.

5. Have patience. I don't think I need to further explain the importance of having patience when training your dog.

With a little patience, love and reinforcement you will have yourself a best friend that is outgoing, friendly and obedient.


The Pet Parade Dog Repeller can be purchased from The Personal Security Company.