Bark Stop Collar, Ultrasonic Sound , Water Resistant, -Painless for Dog- No Shock

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  • If your pet dog is currently driving your neighbours barking mad, use the Anti-Bark Dog Collar to train your dog to reduce the frequency of barking problems. This training collar triggers a harmless audio sound that reduces the frequency of your dog barking. With a highly adjustable collar and made from water resistant material, the dog collar can be worn in any environment and conditions.
  • .Safe for the Dog. Uses Ultrasonic sound no electric shock.

Principles of Operation:

  • It will detect the vibration of the dog's bark.
  • At the first bark, the unit applies a short warning tone.
  • If a second bark occurs within 30 seconds, a more intense tone is sounded.
  • If your dog barks a third time, the tone are made more intense. 
  • If your dog continues intense sound are applies aftereach bark until your pet stops for thirty seconds terminator automatically resets to the first "tone only" level of correction.
  • At each step, your dog gets to choose whether it is worth the increasing pain to bark again.
  • (The same step of Ultrasonic mode) .

Please allow at least 2 weeks to get some results.

1) Water resistant construction 

2) Adjustable stretch collar (Up to 35 cm) ,Suitable for all dogs
3) Ultrasonic and audible selections
4) On/Off Button
5) Triggers accurately by Bark Vibration (can not activate by other dogs barking)
6) Battery: 2 x AG10 (Included)

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