Slim Personal Alarm 130db

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  • 130dB Emergency/Personal Attack Alarm
  • User replacable AAA batteries (included) Emergency activation - simply pull the pin for up to 1 hour of continuous piercing alarm
  • (Can be used over and over again)
  •  Bright white LED mini flash light for low light emergency illumination
  • One of the  loudest personal alarms at 130dB

Product Description

This stylish personal alarm is one of the best personal alarms on the market. It features a 130dB alarm. Designed to be placed in the outer pockets of a purse or backpack, the alarm can also be hand carried by joggers. The alarm is activated by simply pulling the pin, which deters attackers or intruders but also functions to draw attention to you if you need medical attention or help. Use of a personal alarm switches the element of surprise from the attacker to the potential victim. This alarm also includes a miniature LED light, activated by a separate on/off button, for a quick and small illumination of a walking path, car door lock, or other low light situations.


This personal alarm is particularly suitable for Young People, Uni Students, Night Owls, Lone Workers, Joggers, Elderly, Nurses/Personal Care Workers, Delivery/Route Employees.

One of the most popular Personal Alarms available-Loud, Easy to use and Stylish.

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