130dB Panic and Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain + LED Light

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130dB Panic and Emergency Pe

Product Features

  • 130dB ear-piercing personal alarm
  • Shaped like (and disguised as) a car remote - attackers may not realize it is a personal alarm
  • Emergency activation - simply pull the pin for continuous alarm sound to deactivate just replace the pin*.
  • Strong, bright white LED light, suitable for illuminating a dark walkway or finding a keyhole Convenient keychain design is perfect for use with house keys or car keys
  • Takes 3 x LR44 Batteries (Included and easy to replace). *Can be used over and over again. One of the best Personal Alarms available.
  • 10 or more alarms only $10.00-to change the price to $10.00 click on the arrow (right hand side of the title) just above add to cart.

Product Description

This Personal Alarm is designed to look like a car remote to disguise it from potential attackers. It features a loud 130 dB alarm. Simply pull the pin, and this ear-piercing alarm will activate for up to a half hour of continuous sound. Activating the personal alarm switches the element of surprise from the attacker to the potential victim. The personal alarm also offers an extremely bright white LED light, activated by pushing a button on the front side. It could be used to illuminate a dark pathway, find a keyhole in a car door, or simply provide light where there is none. Criminals do not like to draw attention to themselves, and will likely run off when they realise the alarm cannot be stopped. Purchase a personal alarm for yourself, for your child, or for a loved one. Although one of the uses of this alarm is rape-prevention, the package itself does not contain the word "rape" in order to be appropriate for all ages. The alarm is particularly suitable for teenagers, parents, night owls, delivery route employees, business owners, and Uni students. The keychain design is perfect for use with house keys or car keys. One of the best Personal Alarms available-Loud, Easy to use and Stylish. Ships within one business day-Postage only $5.00 or $8.00 Express Post (Unlimited Products) What to order 10 or more click on the 10 or more option only $10.00 each including FREE Delivery. (Australia Wide) Above the add to cart button you see it says Personal Alarm.Click on the small arrow next to the words Personal Alarm and you will see a drop down box stating 10 or more discount price.This will now change the price to $10,00 per alarm.Then add to cart. Choose how many you require in Quantity option then go through checkout as usual.
Contact us at sales@personalsecuritycompany.com.au if you require 100 or more. (We will get back to you within 24 Hours).