Wrist Personal Alarm - Stylish and Discreet

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The Personal  Wrist Alarm is one of the trendiest and most forward thinking Personal Alarms on the market. Discreetly disguised as a Wrist watch the Wrist Alarm can be easily activated by simple push button activation. (To turn off push the button on the underside of the alarm)

Pre-fitted with batteries and an easy to use Velcro Strap, the Personal Wrist Alarm comes is available in Silver.).

130 dB at Source



A new Concept in Personal Alarms

The Personal Wrist Alarm is extremely simple and subtle. The Alarm would be unnoticed by an attacker, second nature to you and quickly activated. The Minder Wrist alarm deters attackers or intruders but also draw attention to yourself, for example, if you need help or medical attention.

Traditional personal safety alarms are designed so that they are put in a handbag, carried or sometimes clipped to a belt. The Minder Wrist Alarm is designed to be worn on the wrist and therefore can be very unobtrusive. The Wrist Personal Alarm is a hands free unit which gives personal safety protection without hindering day to day activities.

The alarm can be easily attached and removed when no longer required, simply by tearing the Velcro strips apart. The Velcro straps are of suitable length to fit most users.

The Personal  Wrist Alarm is suitable for a variety of users:

  • Young People
  • Working Alone 
  • Joggers
  • Dog Walkers
  • People who may require medical attention
  • Nurses and Shift Workers
  • Postal Workers and Delivery Staff
  • The Elderly and Disabled

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