Personal Alarm with Super Bright Light (Blue)

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  • LOUD - 120 dB Siren alarm that is  very loud. | Activated by pulling the key chain that only stops when the pin is reset into the body, this prevents an attacker from turning off the alarm.
  • ✔ BRIGHT FLASHLIGHT - Quick push button LED torch so you can instantly find items in the dark or create a distress signal in an emergency situation.
  • ✔ COMPACT - 70 x 40 x 30mm Designed for easy storage in your pocket or bags letting you activate the alarm quickly.
  • ✔ REPLACEABLE BATTERIES – Comes complete with batteries that are easy to change when you notice the LED light runs low.
  • ✔ LIGHT WEIGHT – weighing less than 1 ounce in total, this SOS alarm is designed for night time security, self-defense, child & senior citizen protection, animal attacks, running, walking, hiking, Shift Workers.

Product Description

This personal alarm can be activated quickly by simply pulling the cord during an emergency situation.
The alarm will provide a 120db siren sound for 40 minute. A built in LED flash light for useful illumination and a key chain for quick access.

How Does It Work?
Pull keychain to activate the alarm
Insert keychain to turn alarm off
Press button to activate the light
Press button to turn off the light
Acoustic design amplifies sound

Who Needs A Personal Alarm?
Ideal for running and hiking - During these times we are often alone and venerable, protect yourself  and to sound an alarm if you happen to become lost.
Essential for senior citizens - As we become older we lose strength, and we can't defend ourselves or call for help in an emergency situation. This personal alarm is perfect for raising the alarm when help is required.
Walking alone - Every year there are over 100,000 assaults on women in the USA. Sometimes you need to walk alone because you missed the bus or can't get a taxi, our alarm provides the security you need.
Children - A cost effective way to arm your child with a piece of security that one day could save them from any form of contact with a strange adult.

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