Emergency Security Personal Alarm with Keychain and Bright Light

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Applications :
It is widely used for little kids,young ladies ,the elderly,disabled,night workers, uni students etc …..Once they meet an emergency,just pull the pin out,it will alarm loudly to alert users.
It is small and portable,able to put on bags,wallet,cell phones,suitcases…. Looks smart and fashionable.
Product Features:
1.Small size and light-weight. 
2.Metal pull pin 
3.When you need help, you can pull out the metal pull pin. it emit a loud alarm sound 
instantaneously. Ideal for protecting joggers, elder, disabled, night shift workers or people who live alone. 

How can a personal safety alarm help you?
In times of danger, you can pull the attached pin away from the device,it will emit a sound more than 120dB. 
Most attackers target their victims during the night when it is dark and quiet, and the personal safety alarm is an excellent device to help you break the silence.
If you have a personal safety alarm with you, you can confront the attacker with multiple sound blasts, which will frighten and disorientate the attacker. More importantly, by activating the alarm.you attract the attention of people around you.

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