Carers Alarm, , Panic Alarm Alarm Home Care Alert -with Two Transmitters

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  Wireless Home Care Alert- Red Colour -Only Available

With two transmitters for 2 users (2 different sounds for distinction)


1, Home care alert for elderly,children, sick  and the disabled;

2, Wireless,easy to install;

3, The range is up to 120 metres in open area;

4, Panic alarm button with neck cord.

5, 32 musical tones for choice.

6, Three signal options,include Light signal for the users with Limited hearing:

7,  Alarm only / Light only / Alarm and Light

8,Power:3 x AAA batteries for Receiver(not included);

9,1 x CR2032 button cell for Transmitter(included).

10,Receiver Size:6.2x3.3x11.6cm; 

11,Transmitter Size: 4.3x1.9x9cm

Red  only.

Delivery Only $5.00 ($8.00 Express).