Personal Alarm -Cute Teardrop Shape-Pink or Blue-Loud 125db

Personal Alarm-Cute Teardrop Shape  -NEW-


1.Tear-drop shaped person alarm, personal attact alarm

2. Pull out the key ring, the alarm will emit 125DB decibel   sound to scare away a potential attacker.

3.Transprent colour (Pink or Blue) with flashing light - flashing light with alarm together

4. Young or Old this alarm is perfect for everyone.

5. Inside there is  3pcs AG13 battery, which can keep the alarm going  for more than 1 hour , which is more than triple of other alarm, the batttery can last for  more than 5 years

6 Attach to Keys or Bag

7 Pull the pin to activate the alarm,(The pin will not come out -much easier then other alarms)-Push pin in to turn off. Can be used hundred of times.

 The police recommend that all women and children carry personal alarms  late at night, or when they are walking on their own. This is something you really must invest it. Never again will you have to worry about walking on the streets alone, or in the dark. This personal alarm will keep you safe, without you putting yourself in any danger (such as by carrying a weapon).

Only $5.00 postage or $8.00 express (multiple items).

Sent within 24 hours of payment being received from our Qld Warehouse.



Package included

1* Personal alarm

3*  batteries (installed)

1* Retail package