Portable Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller- Be ready for the Zika Virus

Drives away Mosquitos.

Electronic Repeller with Sonic Technology. 

Perfect for:





Outdoor Activities 

Be Ready for the Zika Virus and Ross River Fever

How it Works

First Option:

Switch button to Mosquito position. The mosquito repeller makes the frequency sound of a male mosquito and drives away the female mosquito. As scientific research shows, just the pregnant female mosquito bites people.The pregnant female mosquito  is afraid of the male mosquito and their sound. 

Second Option:

Switch button to Dragonfly position. The mosquito repeller makes the frequency sound of a dragonfly and drives away  all mosquitoes. Because the mosquito is afraid of dragonfly.

Perfect for sitting in your garden, or walking, fishing, camping, climbing, and other outdoor activities.

Safe usage without any harm to you or  your health. 

Portable and easy to carry to anywhere

Lightweight and clip on your belt

Specifications :

 Powered by : 2 × AAA batteries ( not included )

Size : 80 x 65 x 25mm

Colour : Black

 Package includes :

 1 x Portable Mosquito Repeller


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