Self Defense Personal Alarm with Super Bright Flashlight

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1, Fashion shaped person alarm, personal attack alarm with bright torch light

2, Press the Buzzer button on the right, alarm will emit loud 125-130 decibel to keep you safe.

3, With 3 LED bright  torch light

4, Perfect for joggers, shift workers, uni students, women (girls) walking alone.-Gives you peace of mind.

5, Powered by 3  AAA battery, (Not Included)  which can keep alarming for more than 2 hour , which is more than triple of most other alarms, the battery can last  for years




The police recommend that all women and children carry personal alarms during late nights, or when they are walking on their own. This is something you really must invest it. Never again will you have to worry about walking on the streets alone, or in the dark. This personal alarm will keep you safe, without you putting yourself in any danger (such as by carrying a weapon).


Hold in your hand or attach to your clothing or bag with clip provided.


If you are looking for a Personal Alarm that is bigger this is the one for you.


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